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Prof. Ashok Misra on what's happening in this IIT alumni community.

OUR NEW Facility

IIT ALUMNI CENTRE, Bengaluru is well on it's way to having a permanent facility at Bommasandra Industrial Area. See the updates here.


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IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru Workshops are conducted in association with the different IITs and bring high quality and advanced topics to Bengaluru for industry. Our regular multi-disciplinary webinars and lecture series has been generating a lot of media interest. 

Our speakers are eminent personalities from business, public sector and academia and we hope to expand this profile to include many other domains of knowledge.


Health Care in 2030 – a peep into the future

Robotics, nanotechnology, and the use of AI will be double-edged weapons. The post-pandemic scenario with its accompanying information dissemination will result in high health literacy and higher expectations. Insurance-enabled universal health coverage will concentrate on promoting wellness. Clinical Genetics, management of the unborn, fall out of space medicine, and many at present non-existent disciplines.
These are just some of the fascinating topics that Dr Krishnan Ganapathy, Distinguished Visiting Professor, IIT Kanpur, studies in depth. He has been interested in the pseudo-science of Futurology for the last 5 decades.

He believes that technology in Health Care should always be only a means to achieve an end – the traditional empathizing sympathizing doctor who always provides TLC ( Tender, Loving Care) should not become an endangered species. We need to remember that the future will always be ahead of schedule.
Join us in listening to him review today’s cutting-edge technology in health care and extrapolate this to the next decade at 5.00 pm on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Date: Saturday, September 23, 2023 

Time: 5.00PM to 6:30PM IST


IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru focuses on efficiently managing its alumni base to:

  • Help organise research projects to IIT’s
  • Provide expertise to various departments of the state government.
  • Run short term courses on emerging technologies 
  • Act as a networking platform for IITians from various campuses
  • Provide mentorship for some of the younger students.

The Centre is open to individual members including current and ex-IITians and faculty. We also invite corporates and other research institutions to become institutional members. The alumni of IIT represents a strong knowledge base that can bring many benefits to corporate India and the society at large. It has already started to fulfill its planned objectives and hopes to catalyze contributions of the entire IIT community to the country.



IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru is working closely with the various IITs to foster industry collaboration and facilitate interaction among the IITs and industry in and around Bengaluru.


IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru is actively working on mentoring initiatives bringing in the vast expertise of IIT alumni worldwide for the benefit of other alumni.


IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru arranges various events and programmes to enable alumni and faculty to meet, network and discover mutual interests and partnerships.


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IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru


❏ Bengaluru’s largest IIT Community Alumni from all IITs for a diverse network

❏ Join eminent IIT alumni for purposeful networking and collaboration

❏ Owned building in process at Bommasandra, Hosur Road

❏ Meeting/Conference Rooms, Guest Rooms & Networking Lounge for Members

❏ Events every month for knowledge exchange and networking, free for Members

❏ Coordination with IITs for industry collaboration

❏ Workshops on advanced subjects with experts from IITs and alumni Mentoring programme for startups and entrepreneurs

❏ Recognition and support from Ministry of HRD Active partnership with departments of Karnataka Government Affiliation

❏ Joint programmes with other IIT alumni groups worldwide

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