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IITACB Workshops are conducted in association with the different IITs and bring high quality and advanced topics to Bengaluru for industry. We have recently conducted two such workshops on Smart Cities and Cyber Security and both have been very well received by industry in Bengaluru.

The workshops feature professors from the IITs who are experts in their fields. The format and agenda are custom designed to suit the needs of the industry and the programme is facilitated by members of IITACB with knowledge and experience in the field. All of this makes the workshops more meaningful and useful for the participants.

Sustainable Urban Planning for Smart Cities
IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru (IITACB) organised a two day workshop on "Sustainable Urban Planning for Smart Cities in Karnataka" during April 17-18 at the Vikas Soudha. IITACB brought together the Center for Urban Design and Development, IIT Roorkee and Urban Development Department, Govt. of Karnataka for the deliberations.

The Workshop was inaugurated by Shri. Vinay Kumar Sorake, Hon. Minister, Urban development, Govt. of Karnataka and presided over by Shri. Quamrul Islam, Hon. Minister for Municipal administration. Shri. Kaushik Mukherjee, Chief Secretaryand Shri. D. Satyamurthy, Addl. Chief Secretary for Urban Development Department, Govt. of Karnataka, were our Honoured Guests. The Director, Prof. Pradipta Banerji, and faculty members came from IIT Roorkee for this event. This is the first workshop of its kind (perhaps in India) that we coordinated by bringing an IIT and the Govt. of Karnataka (a state Govt.) together. The workshop was a very successful, a learning experience for both sides – we clearly have a lot of follow-up work to do.

Cyber Security
IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru (IITACB) organized a three-day workshop on Cyber Security during April 27-29 at the Chancery Pavilion. IITACB brought together the Centre of Excellence in Cyber Systems and Information Assurance, IIT Delhi for the conduct of this Workshop. Prof. R.K.Shevgaonkar, Director IIT Delhi along with Dr. Kota Harinarayana, inaugurated the Workshop. This, to my mind, is the first workshop of its kind on this topic in Bengaluru. The Workshop had participants from different entities from the Defence Community like Bharat Electronics Ltd, HAL, DRDO Labs and others. The workshop was a very successful and a learning experience for both sides. It is highly likely that several organisations will ask to arrange for such a workshop in the near future.