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India-US Relationships - Opportunities and challenges for the Corporate Sector

(An IIT Alumni Centre Supported Event)

An eminent panel discusses the way ahead for a strong India-US Relationship. This panel discussion is being arranged by Bangalore International Centre in collaboration with IIT Alumni Centre, Bengaluru.

Date: March 16, 2016 (Wednesday)
Venue: Bangalore International Centre, Bengaluru
Schedule: 6pm Tea & Networking, 630pm Panel Discussion

. K Jairaj
. Pradeep Kumar Kapur
. William Powers

Chair and Moderator
. CV Ranganathan

Both India and large parts of the USA, were British colonies at one point of time. The Americans got their independence earlier, in late 18th century. They actively supported the Indian independence movement. After India got its independence in 1947, the bilateral relationship has gone through its ups and downs. Today India is an emerging market economy, with a young demographic profile, and the necessity to dynamize its economy and create million of jobs every year to meet rising aspirations, and lift its poor above the poverty line.

The US, a developed country, has a slower growing economy, and an ageing population which will create an increasing strain in the years ahead. Its pre-eminent position as the sole global super-power is being challenged by China. The threat of terrorism is growing globally and the international security situation is worsening. There are many commonalities between India and US, yet there are many differences. Both countries are at a historic point of time, when they need to build upon the strategic partnership, and give it more content and depth.

The questions: Can the India-US relations become the defining partnership of the 21st century? In the emerging scenarios, what are the opportunities and challenges for the corporate sectors in both the US and India?

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